4 Tips for Copywriting for House Cleaning Services: Small Business Hacks

Clean Up Your Copywriting for House Cleaning Services

Keeping Your Copy writing for House Cleaning Interesting is Easy.
Keeping Your Copywriting for House Cleaning Interesting is Easy.

Most of you probably think that House Cleaning is tedious. And the thought of having to write about house cleaning probably makes you want to burn all of the pens in your house. The tasks of sweeping, disinfecting, and mopping are so commonplace. How are you supposed to make copywriting for house cleaning services on your website sound interesting?

Cleaning of some kind is something just about every American has performed at least once in their lifetime. So, when it comes to this kind of copy you already have a leg up because you have something in common with every American. It’s not difficult to talk to someone about cleaning. The trick to this business is convincing them that they don’t want to clean their house anymore.

Here Are 5 Tips for Copywriting for House Cleaning Services To Clean Up Your Website

  1. Sell the Smell in Your House Cleaning Copywriting.
    Sell the Smell in Your House Cleaning Copywriting.

    Make it Relate-able – Everyone knows what you’ll be cleaning and most likely how as well. They don’t want to think about those steps and will most likely be at work while you’re performing them. Your copywriting for house cleaning services needs to remind your prospective clients about how good a clean house feels. They need to be reminded of what they can accomplish now that they are not cleaning their house. Tell them about the things that can happen in a clean house like entertaining company.

  2. Focus on Your Unique Selling Proposition – If you are green certified house cleaning service that only uses environmentally friendly cleaners and techniques, then it should be mentioned on each service page, your home page, and in every blog. Maybe you are a small three woman/man operation that focuses on one-to-one cleaning services. Perhaps speed is your unique angle. Cleaning teams can get a lot done in two hours. Can your cleaning team do more? Whatever it is that makes you special make sure your clients know it too.
  3. Talk about Your Cleaning Tools in Your Copy.
    Talk about Your Cleaning Tools in Your Copy.

    Talk about your Process and Tools – Now, I know I mentioned that you don’t want to focus too heavily on this aspect of your copywriting for house cleaning services. However, you do want to answer any questions potential clients may have on your web page. One of the first questions after “Are you trustworthy?” is “What do you use to clean my house?” Obviously, they know you are going to be using sponges, cleaners, and vacuums, but are you using a unique cleaning tool? Micro-fiber rags are known for providing a better clean. Some clients prefer green certified cleaners, and others have sensitive allergies and will require a HEPA filter on your vacuum cleaner. These are just a few possibilities that you may want to consider when focusing on this section of the copywriting. Just don’t devote the whole page to it. You want to keep it to a paragraph, or a set of bullet points.

  4. Sell the Smell – The human nose is the most perceptive organ we own. Your nose can survey a room and determine how you should conduct yourself long before your eyes can take everything in. Everyone knows what a clean house smells like and how inviting it can be to family and friends. It relaxes people helping them to settle into the evening. You don’t want to come out and say, “You’ll love the way your house smells when we leave” in your copywriting for house cleaning. You want to gently nudge your clients reminding them that clean houses host fresher parties and retain more guests for longer periods of time. The smell of a clean house is genuinely relaxing as your clients don’t have to worry about exerting any extra energy domestically after a hard day’s work. This is where the old adage comes into play. Sell the sizzle, not the steak.

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