Free SEO Seminar: Open to the Public

Owner of Organic SEO Solutions, Frederick Wood II, to Present SEO Basics at Entrepreneurs Assembly

April 14, 2018, at 9:00 AM at The Innevation Center 450 Sinclair St, Reno, NV 89501

Frederick Wood II, Owner of Organic SEO Solutions
Frederick Wood II, Owner of Organic SEO Solutions

Most business owners know they need an online marketing strategy. They also, know that there is a key to maximizing their online efforts. The key is SEO, also known as, Search Engine Optimization.  This online marketing strategy is the lynchpin to successfully getting Google to showcase your website to potential clients. The more accurately your website is optimized the higher your website will rank in the search engine results page and the more likely you are to be found by your potential clients.

Learn SEO Basics You Can Use

I won’t just be handing you a pile of information and expecting you to fill in the holes. In the time I have, I will be explaining all the basics of search engine optimization. Not only that, but I will also be taking you to the back end of my website to demonstrate where to utilize many of the techniques I will be outlining. You will leave with an in-depth understanding of why you should utilize SEO and how.

Some of the topics I will discuss include:

1. Keyword Research: Tools to use to get accurate results.

2. Keyword Placement: H1 – H3, internal/external links, headers, metadata, and picture optimization.

3. Backlinks: Their importance and some techniques to acquire them.

4. Onsite Optimization: Linking Policy, Terms & Conditions Pages

Entrepreneurs Assembly and Organic SEO Solutions are Dedicated to Helping Small Businesses

Small business owners appreciate all the help they can get. Entrepreneurs Assembly was founded by entrepreneurs to help entrepreneurs grow and succeed. Organic SEO Solutions is one such business. I would not be who I am today, or as profitable, without their help.  It is because of their unwavering and free support that I would like to impart as much information to their member as I can.  I want to do my part to help as many small business owners succeed just like I have. So, join me April 14 at the Innevation Center all you small business owners and learn techniques that you can utilize to boost your organic online foot traffic.

Organic SEO Solutions Can Help Your Business

As an SEO professional, I specialize in on-site optimization. I can provide thorough keyword research and webpage recommendations that are guaranteed to boost your online web traffic.  My services extend to writing keyword-focused web copy and blogs. In order to create a full marketing package, I can also upload all provided content making sure the webpage is optimized to the best SEO standards.

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Keyword Research: Where Online Marketing Begins for Small Business

Keyword Research Needs to be Your First Stop

Keyword Research Needs to be First
Keyword Research Needs to be First

Keyword research is one of the mysterious, yet essential, parts of small business marketing. As a Small business owner, you don’t have a huge marketing budget. You need to maximize every bit of energy and money you put into your business. Performing keyword research and making sure your website content is keyword focused will ensure you have a better chance of being found by your target market.

Everyone uses Keywords to Search the Internet

Consumers are constantly asking Google, Bing, and Mozilla Firefox to find them the best answers, products, and services. There is no reason that these consumers shouldn’t be finding your products and services. Taking the time to research the keywords that your target audience is using is essential to be found by them.

Your keyword research will be guided by two main things. The service, or product, you are offering and how your target market refers to that service or product. Just because you are selling science fiction books doesn’t mean your audience is going to call them that. They might type in “best science fiction”, or “alien genocide fiction”, or “alien thriller” into the search engine. There are times that you and your audience will use the same verbiage, but the chances are slim.

Where to start your Keyword Research?

Keyword Research Will Give You Ideas
Keyword Research Will Give You Ideas

It would be great if there was a way to do this for free, but the choices are limited with limiting information. Google Adwords will help you identify keywords if you begin a campaign. SEMRush offers the first ten searches free, but if you are serious about this process you will have to pay at least $100 for a one-month subscription with SEMRush. Before you go off and invest this money there are a few steps you can take to make sure you get the full value of your mone

1.Make Your Own Keyword List:

Begin your keyword research using your own ideas. Make a list of all the keywords that you think your target audience might use when looking for your product, or service, on the internet. If you are a plumber, think of every service you can offer, and any tool that you might use. You never know what keyword someone is using to find your service.

2. Use those keywords in a Search Engine:

Type each one of your keywords into a search engine. Taking the time to do this will help you two-fold. First, you will be able to see if anyone uses the keywords you have chosen. Second, you quickly identify your competition. You will want to keep these websites on a sperate list. If you do purchase a subscription to an SEO tool you will want to check on each of these websites. You might find keywords you didn’t think about.

3. Add in Long Tail Keywords:

It is rather difficult to rank for generic short words such as “bread”, “pool”, or “arcade”. Most consumers don’t use words like this when they want to take advantage of these products and services. Long tail keywords are more commonly used. These are keyword phrases that usually have three words or more. So, instead of “bread”, you would want to use “gluten-free bread” or, “homemade bread”.

From here you will have to pay for a subscription to an SEO tool.  It might not be necessary, but if you want to get as accurate results as possible then I recommend investing the $100. Once you’ve refined your list then you can begin focusing on your next step writing your content.

Organics SEO Solutions Can Help With Your Content

Organic SEO Solutions provides keyword focused written content for your website. We have a proven history or boosting organic web traffic and conversion rates. Contact us today for a quote on optimized written content for your website.

Keyword Research is Where it Starts!
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4 Tips on Copywriting for Construction

Copywriting for Construction Depends on the Clientele.

Copywriting for Construction
Copywriting for Construction Keeps Business Rolling

Most, if not all, small construction businesses (plumbers, electricians, etc.) need online copywriting for business marketing. Unfortunately, they don’t have the budget to take advantage of major online marketing companies. Instead, most small companies turn to the administrative aid, or someone in-house, and, “Say write me two blogs a month about our company, and we need six landing pages for the website launch.” While these individuals might know the clientele they may never have done any copywriting for construction companies.

How to Tackle Copywriting for Construction

So, where do you start if you are one of these small businesses?  Copywriting for your construction company begins by thinking like someone who has never picked up a hammer in their life. All a customer knows is they want to enjoy a larger house, or they want their toilet fixed, or they want a larger patio. In order to earn the trust of these consumers’, you have to talk to them on their level in terms that everyone can understand. Not to point out the obvious, but you can’t use any shop talk. So, no terms like “bobcat”, “skid steer”, and “Hilti gun”. For some professions like painting, this will be easier than HVAC, or plumbing.

Here are Four Things to Consider when writing copywriting for construction

  1. All benefit from regular blogging.
    Framer? Painter? Plumber? All benefit from regular blogging.

    USP: Unique Selling Proposition: What sets you apart? Every company takes a unique angle for their profession. Benjamin Franklin is always on time. Savage and Son, in Nevada, is the oldest operating business license for plumbing, HVAC, and piping. What is your company’s USP? It needs to overshadow all the copywriting for construction marketing? Here are some thoughts to think about? Do your clients deal directly with the owners? Do you use only green certified building materials and techniques? Are the services offered twenty-four hours for emergencies?

  2. Business credentials: It is important to put consumer’s minds at ease by letting them you will be accountability for every single action you take on their property and in the home. Consumers want to see that you are licensed, bonded, and insured. This is just the minimum of what an internet savvy consumer is looking for. Be sure to list any endorsements such as the BBB, or another local organization. Another credential that many consumers research is reviews and testimonials. While you can do very little for your reviews on Yelp, you can collect testimonials from your former clients. Whenever a good job has been accomplished, be sure to get the client’s opinion for the record.
  3. Homeowners Like To Know About Big Machines
    Homeowners Like To Know About Big Machines

    Materials and Supplies: Outline the home supplies, equipment, and products that will be used during the installation. After you have let the client know your USP, you begin building trust by showcasing the reliable equipment that will be installed into a home. List out your available paints, if you are a painter. Outline whether you use copper piping, or PVC if you are a plumber, and where you will use it in the home.

  4. Outline your process: This is the most important part of your copywriting. Consumers’ don’t like surprises, especially in their home. This does not have to be a definite guide, but if an excavator shows up on a client’s lawn they want to know why it’s there. They should also know what stage of their construction is beginning. When outlining your process starts with the assessment and then dive right into the construction as if the materials are already there. Write out briefly, your preparation work, installation process, and then your finishing process. Be sure to list out rough wait times in between steps.

Copywriting for Construction needs to be enticing and invigorating, but most importantly it has to establish trust in your knowledge of your trade. Not all four of these things need to be listed on every product, or service, page, but the information needs to be available for those consumers looking to do in-depth research on a contractor.

Organic SEO Solutions is a copywriting company that focuses on copywriting and blogs having to do with the home. Construction, Child Care, and Residential/Commercial cleaning. Eight years of experience accompanies each of the areas of specialization. Get the copywriting you need, when you need, by experts in their industry.

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5 On Page Factors That Boost Your Local SEO Ranking

You have more control over Local SEO Ranking than you think.

Local SEO is a Puzzle You Can Unlock
Local SEO is a Puzzle You Can Unlock

It’s no secret that your website is your most powerful online marketing tool, but in order for it to be successful you have to have it properly optimized for Local SEO. This will ensure that you appear high in the search results when local clients are in need of your local services.

On page factors are content, pictures, and blogs that potential clients can read, view, and interact with. After a little bit of practice with web development, you will be able to implement many of these on page factors yourself with very little effort.

On Page Factors to Boost Local SEO Rankings

  1. Domain Name: The domain name of your website needs to accurately reflect your business and your business’s location. For example, “” lets Google know that your business is a tax service available in Incline Village, Nevada.  Whereas “” is memorable, but it doesn’t tell you anything about the business. If your current domain does not accurately reflect your business, you may want to consider changing domain names.
  2. Keywords: This is the backbone of any good SEO plan, local or national, You want to make sure that your keywords are as reflective as your domain name. They should accurately sum up your business and services. You will want to use one keyword per page of web copy, or blog. Your keywords will also need to be placed in the title, sub-header or H1, picture captions, meta data, and in the body of the copy at least five times. Never just shove them in at random. The keywords should be incorporated into the copy naturally for clients to read.
  3. Contact Information: Everyone knows that it is important to list your business’s name, address, and phone number on the homepage and contact page, but to give your website the Local SEO boost that it needs this information should also be incorporated to every page of web copy.
  4. Local Link Building: Building Local SEO links requires more research than a national SEO campaign. Not only do you want your links to be authoritative, but they have to come from business, or organizations, in your area. One of the best places to turn to is your Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce, or other organizations like the Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada, if you live in Northern Nevada. You may have to dig a little to find a rule, code, or article that relates to your business, but the links are invaluable.
  5. Local Living: One of the best ways to show that you and your business are a part of the local community is to write about local events, places, or sports teams. Writing on topics like these make for enjoyable reading for your prospective clients and boost search visibility as a local business.

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