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Boost Your Copywriting for Your Wealth Management Company

Good Copywriting for Your Wealth Management Firm Can Put More Green in Your Hand
Good Copywriting for Your Wealth Management Firm Can Put More Green in Your Hand

Blogging or copywriting for wealth management companies can be a very tedious process. Money can make the world go around, but it doesn’t exactly make for stimulating internet reading. (unless it’s your money and you’re checking on stocks) That doesn’t mean as a wealth management company that you should just put up droll facts.  There are ways to inform your clients without putting them to sleep. There are also a few things to consider to avoid potential liability.

1. Don’t Overpromise and Be Honest:

This should go without saying for any industry. However, in the world of wealth management it is the biggest pit fall to avoid. It can be tempting to write how you can make money for people over night. It’s easy copywriting to say all your client’s financial dreams can come true, but DON’T DO IT!  Not even in the slightest. As a wealth manager you might be able to effectively predict an economic future. That’s only one possibility. Things can go south very easily. Market volatility is a very real thing. Be honest from the first written word. Let your clients know that you are available as a guide, or advisor, and nothing more. This will increase the acceptability for compliance and mitigate any possibilities for liability.

2. Explain Your Credentials/Processes:

Convincing a client of your abilities is a combination of explaining your credentials and overviewing your processes. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. You spent a long time earning your certifications and possibly your college degree. It’s not a promising idea to just string a series of acronyms. You know what they stand for, but most of your clients won’t know until you detail it out. You could write CPA, MST, CRPC, or PFC, but the average person has no idea what any of that means. Even if you have taken the time to write out Certified Public Accountant instead of CPA you still might not convince everyone.

Take the time to briefly explain what that acronym means. Then give some examples of what you can do because you earned that title. Most people think CPAs only file taxes, but in the land of wealth management, a CPA can help choose when to retire and reduce the amount of taxes a retiree has to pay. This is also an appropriate time to outline some of the services you provide. So instead of saying you’re a retirement planning pro explain what options you have available to help clients achieve the retirement they have been hoping for.

3. Forget the Shop Talk:

Make your copy writing and blogs as easy to read as possible. There should be no question in anyone’s mind about what a word or sentence means. You can use terms like IRA, Roth, and other acronyms with your partners and administration, but they are just letters to the average person. Be sure to write out what those services are and how they can help a potential client.

4. Lighten the Mood:

Talking about money can be a very difficult conversation. Even between couples who know one another intimately. So, you don’t want to encourage people to be reserved when it comes to this topic. Anecdotes, quotes, and jokes can all be interjected to decrease the brevity of this serious topic. This doesn’t mean that you want to add in a joke at the start of every paragraph or finish each one with a quote. These techniques should be used just enough to keep your readers interested in between all the facts that you are trying to convey. It’s okay if it doesn’t make people laugh out loud, but you have given their brain a rest from all that information.

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5 Ways to Generate Original Blog Ideas: Tips For Small Business Owners

Let the Blog Ideas Flow!!!


Blog Ideas Come from an Open Mind
Blog Ideas Come from an Open Mind

Blog Ideas. If you advertise online or you run an online business, then you have to have them. Once fleshed out into blogs, they keep the search engines happy. More importantly, blogs keep the consumers happy in this modern age of content creation and consumption.

Blogs are important for each customer’s path on the buying cycle. Blogs serve to inform, inspire, and ultimately persuade consumers to spend their hard-earned dollar with you and not your competitor. But did you know they also serve an alternate SEO purpose as well?

You are going need to blog as long as you are using the internet for any part of your business. You can’t just throw up a website and expect people to come clicking over to it. You need to update your website regularly to earn any kind of authority with the search engines. Blogs help the search engines identify what your website is about. You also need blogs to share on social media and establish authority with your customers.  So, where does this seemingly endless supply of blog ideas need to come from? Just keep reading.

Top 5 Places To Look for Blog Ideas

1.Local Events

Blog Ideas Aid with Good SEO
Blog Ideas Aid with Good SEO

If there is any event that pertains to your business then this is one of best blog ideas to capture. Blogs give you an opportunity to share your opinion as an expert. Even if there isn’t anything that doesn’t pertain to your business then you should still blog on local events, or even sports (It is okay to root for your favorite team).  Just by mentioning local events, and the city or area they are located, you will be taking advantage of the local optimization search engines have built into their algorithm

For example, If you promote events from Miami, Florida, then the search engines are going to assume that your business is located near that area. They will then promote it to people that live in that area and type in keywords pertaining to your business.

2. The Competition

Keeping up with the competition should be something you already do. Reading what they are blogging about will give you quite a few ideas in the direction you should be driving your own blog. You are not going to want to copy their ideas exactly, but you can take advantage of the same keywords they are using and put your own spin on them.

3. Social Media

Twitter Is Great for Sourcing Blog Ideas
Twitter Is Great for Sourcing Blog Ideas

You will not always be able to interact with your customers face to face. Social media is the next best thing. You can carry on multiple conversations with customers earning their trust and garnering their opinions. Post questions openly. Ask if they have any problems, concerns, or feedback that they would like to share via the social media channel. Whether they are happy or upset customers enjoy sharing their thoughts.


4. Customer Survey

If you have any sales people in your employ, or you are on the front line sales then there is no better feedback for blog ideas then customers. Take the time to ask them what questions they have about your product or services. Their feedback is invaluable. By writing the content they are looking for, you can also turn your customers into advocates and give them something to share on social media.

5. Online Ideas

It has to be mentioned. Just by typing in “ blog ideas “ you get more than 32 million hits on the subject. This is not my first choice by any stretch of the imagination. You’ll find that many of the ideas are just reciting the same thing over and over, but there are some genuine gems. Just make sure you can capture the right keywords with them.

Need Even More Help With Your Blog Ideas

There are many more places that blog ideas can come from. Once you’ve compiled enough research from these areas you may have more blogs then you have time to write them.  Then it’s time to bring in a little extra help.

Organic SEO Solutions is a provider of keyword focused blogs and web copy. Our written content gets your website recognized by search engines with relevant topics for your customer base. Take advantage of our Search Engine Optimization knowledge to drive more traffic and bolster your online authority.

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