Balance Your Strong Visual Content With Quality Written Content: SEO Tips for Business Owners

Ignoring Quality Written Content Can Be Devastating to Your Website

Quality Content Goes A Long Way To Convert Clients
Quality Content Goes A Long Way To Convert Clients

Your two most powerful persuasive tools on the internet are quality written content and strong pictures and videos. It’s no secret that the greatest measure of performance for any website is where it ranks on website search engines, and to achieve a high ranking a website has to take many factors into consideration. Finding the balance between visual excitement and informative content is the most important when bridging the gap of technology and online customer interaction.

Visual Content Can Only Tell So Much of the Story

Today’s online consumer expects a lot from their websites, and if they don’t get what they want the back button is a simple click away. Information is the number one reason people sign on to the world wide web with their digital devices. They want to look away from their screens with something more than what they signed on with whether it be new information or the satisfaction of a wise purchase. Flashy, empty, and keyword stuffed content are easily identified by today’s savvy online user.  It doesn’t impress and it certainly doesn’t create repeat website views. Some websites try to over compensate by showcasing endless rolls of pictures to scroll through with no captions, or explanation as to what the website is about. This does little to keep people from finding your competitor or building authority.

Written Content Needs to by 100% Original
Written Content Needs to by 100% Original

Tips to Balance Your Visual Content and Written Content

  1. Write what People Want to Read: As a business owner you have most likely established your primary audience. Keeping that in mind give them information about your product, or events, that they would enjoy sharing with others. Make sure your content engages as well as informs. If you do you will start to see your website metrics improve in lead generation, engagement, click-through-rates, and authority.
  2. Quality Content Grabs New Customers: The only way most people find a company’s online presence with the help of search engines. If you don’t have quality content and are heavy handed with your pictures then the search engines will have no idea what your website is about. Their algorithms are written to process written content with a very heavy percentage. The better the content the better the chances of a search engine matching your website to your ideal clients.
  3. Empty Pictures Sell Nothing: Make sure that your visual content tell a compelling story of your product of services. Consumers need to know exactly what you are selling the instant they lay eyes on your website. You do not need an endless roll of pictures to convince someone to trust your brand. You need quality pictures and videos that concisely tell how you will better your clients’ lives.

Converting someone who browses the internet to a satisfied customer stems from powerfully concise visual images and quality written content. Skimming by on website factors like visual and written content balance costs money and will ultimately give your competition an edge over you.

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5 On Page Factors That Boost Your Local SEO Ranking

You have more control over Local SEO Ranking than you think.

Local SEO is a Puzzle You Can Unlock
Local SEO is a Puzzle You Can Unlock

It’s no secret that your website is your most powerful online marketing tool, but in order for it to be successful you have to have it properly optimized for Local SEO. This will ensure that you appear high in the search results when local clients are in need of your local services.

On page factors are content, pictures, and blogs that potential clients can read, view, and interact with. After a little bit of practice with web development, you will be able to implement many of these on page factors yourself with very little effort.

On Page Factors to Boost Local SEO Rankings

  1. Domain Name: The domain name of your website needs to accurately reflect your business and your business’s location. For example, “” lets Google know that your business is a tax service available in Incline Village, Nevada.  Whereas “” is memorable, but it doesn’t tell you anything about the business. If your current domain does not accurately reflect your business, you may want to consider changing domain names.
  2. Keywords: This is the backbone of any good SEO plan, local or national, You want to make sure that your keywords are as reflective as your domain name. They should accurately sum up your business and services. You will want to use one keyword per page of web copy, or blog. Your keywords will also need to be placed in the title, sub-header or H1, picture captions, meta data, and in the body of the copy at least five times. Never just shove them in at random. The keywords should be incorporated into the copy naturally for clients to read.
  3. Contact Information: Everyone knows that it is important to list your business’s name, address, and phone number on the homepage and contact page, but to give your website the Local SEO boost that it needs this information should also be incorporated to every page of web copy.
  4. Local Link Building: Building Local SEO links requires more research than a national SEO campaign. Not only do you want your links to be authoritative, but they have to come from business, or organizations, in your area. One of the best places to turn to is your Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce, or other organizations like the Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada, if you live in Northern Nevada. You may have to dig a little to find a rule, code, or article that relates to your business, but the links are invaluable.
  5. Local Living: One of the best ways to show that you and your business are a part of the local community is to write about local events, places, or sports teams. Writing on topics like these make for enjoyable reading for your prospective clients and boost search visibility as a local business.

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